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New concept of the State Tretyakov Gallery

It is a new stage in the life of the State Tretyakov Gallery. The gallery has updated the branding system and renamed one of the subdivisions (branches), besides launches a renovated website. These are planned changes within the new concept of the museum.

Last spring the Tretyakov Gallery presented the concept of its development to the public. The document was elaborated by the museum staff together with the British companies as Event Communications and AEA Consulting - the best agencies in the field of museum and exhibition design. The concept defines the place of the Tretyakov Gallery in the modern world and plans its activity for the next 10 years.

The museum develops and becomes a modern space, where the visitor in the limelight (at the center of attention). The Tretyakov Gallery sees its future in achieving several goals such as preservation, exploration and representation of Russian art, formation of Russian cultural identity and making people's lives better by opening wide access to masterpieces of Russian and world art.

«The Tretyakov Gallery is the most famous in Russia and beloved for its collection as it is a heritage of a thousand years. Our main purpose is to continue the business of the outstanding collector Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov,» said Zelfira Tregulova, general director of the Tretyakov Gallery. «We must find a common language not only with a modern visitor, but also with the modern world, if we want to realize it today.»

The new look of the Tretyakov Gallery, including its corporate identity, the renewed architecture of the brand, the website, is one of the first notable public changes in the museum within the concept of development.

Until today

The last changes in the corporate style of the Tretyakov Gallery were 12 years ago, on the eve of the 150th anniversary. The main sign - the famous facade of the building in Lavrushinsky Lane - has served to the museum for decades.

The red tower was almost the only symbol that still unites the various materials of the Tretyakov Gallery for a long time. From time to time it was joined to the stylized abbreviation of the State Tretyakov Gallery (STG). Nevertheless the museum is much more than just a building in Lavrushinsky Lane and a historical collection.

The State Tretyakov Gallery is an entire museum complex including a whole block in Lavrushinsky Lane, a building in Krymsky Val, four houses of artists in different districts of Moscow, a museum of Tretyakov brothers. A historical collection from the 11th to the beginning of the 20th century is presented in the building of Lavrushinsky Lane, works of the 20th century, avant-garde, socialist realism and contemporary art in Krymsky Val. The houses of artists will be restored and, according to the development plan, will become the centers of artistic and decorative creativity, moscow studies and sculpture.

The constant exposition of the Tretyakov Gallery is a unique collection, which shows the thousand-year history of Russian art. Moreover the gallery organizes more than 20 exhibitions every year. Among them two or three are necessarily large-scale such as the exhibitions of Valentin Serov and Ivan Aivazovsky, which visited more than a million people. The rest of them are diverse, niche and enlightening, beginning from old Russian icon - painting and ending with modern experimental projects.

The Tretyakov Gallery is directly engaged in scientific researches and restorations. The staff makes a unique expert examination. The museum organizes educational classes for children and adults, various lectures and more than 40 courses, where anyone can be engaged in painting, drawing, or sculpture. Among the cultural events there are reading poetry and prose, discussions and movie demonstrations. The Tretyakov Gallery pays special attention to events for people with disabilities.

Экспозиция выставки «Иван Айвазовский. К 200-летию со дня рождения». Июль 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Выставка «Иван Айвазовский. К 200-летию со дня рождения». День моря. Сентябрь 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Мероприятие «Ночь на море». Ноябрь 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Музыкальный фестиваль Vivarte. Май 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Реставрация картины И.Айвазовского. Июль 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Мультканикулы в Новой Третьяковке. Январь 2017. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Запуск поезда «Интенсив XX». Ноябрь 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Концерт Hortus Musicus. Январь 2017. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Поэтический вечер из цикла «Площадь Маяковского». Февраль 2017. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Детская экскурсия в Лаврушинском переулке. Март 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
«Ночь в музее». Май 2015. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Брифинг, посвященный результатам исследования скульптуры И. Чайкова "Футболисты". Июнь 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
«Ночь в музее». Май 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Мероприятие «Ночь на море». Ноябрь 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Открытие выставки «Язык скульптуры по Брайлю». Апрель 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Концерт «ОтЗвуки Му». Июнь 2015. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Киноаппаратная в Инженерном корпусе Третьяковской галереи. Ноябрь 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
Спецпроект «Танцы в музее». Июнь 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
День человека с синдромом Дауна. Открытие проекта «Лучше вместе». Март 2016. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев
День открытых дверей образовательных программ Третьяковской галереи. Сентябрь 2015. Фотограф: Евгений Алексеев

In any case the Tretyakov Gallery doesn’t squeeze anymore in the famous red tower.

What's going on right now?

The renewal of the brand of the Tretyakov Gallery is typical for an organization with a large history and structure. The museum is changing as it wishes to look and act modernly, to attract a new audience. For a coherent account of the events and tendencies of the activity there must be a unified system - a scalable brand architecture. It is necessary to put in order the design of materials: to develop clear rules for creating posters, tickets, navigation and so on.

The project is not easy by the way. Furthermore some solutions must satisfy several conditions, which at first can contradict each other. For example, the 160-year-old museum has rich national traditions, while at that time modern brands press towards visual laconic brevity and international universality of the language.

The new branding system of the State Tretyakov Gallery was developed by ONY - a Moscow agency that specializes in communications of well-known large companies.

For the development of a new branding system, that will unite the entire museum complex, its projects and activities, there must be a universal sign. It can’t be completely new, but it must be not only modern, but also easily translated into other languages.

T - Tradition

According to various options, prepared by the agency, the Tretyakov Gallery has decided to return to the letter «T», that museum used before: in the stylized abbreviation of the State Tretyakov Gallery in old documents or on a building in the Krymsky Val.

The new "T" unites the traditions of the cyrillic alphabet and the aesthetics of the Russian avant-garde. The letter fits organically into the modern digital world and is understandable in many languages.

T - transformation

The sign forms the basis of a flexible visual system. It is not just a letter, but a window into the world of Russian art. There are pictures, sculptures, installations and people, that reveals inside of itself.

For the development of the brand is very important that a person could interact with it. Therefore the new "T" is able to become interactive, so that anyone can become part of the brand and take it with them, for example, as a souvenir.

Architecture and color

In the corporate style the color of the main subdivisions (branches) has been preserved, however new colors have also appeared. Golden was chosen for a universal usage, red was remained behind Lavrushinsky and blue behind Krymsky Val.

Its own color first appeared at the museums of Victor and Apollinaria Vasnetsov, the museum of Anna Golubkina, the Paul Korin's Museum - they were united by green. The Tretyakov Gallery sees great potential in the houses of artists.

New name

The renewal of the brand also renamed the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val. In the official name the word, that has long appeared in the oral speech, was fixed - the New Tretyakov Gallery.

The new name continues the tradition of large European museums, classical and modern collections which are represented in old and new galleries. For example, Tate Britain and Tate Modern - British and Modern Tate Galleries in London, Alte Pinakothek, Neue Pinakothek and Pinakothek der Moderne - Old, New and Pinakothek of modernity in Munich.

At the heart of the design system of New Tretyakovka underlies an element that makes it unique among other museums. Radically enlarged triangle of the letter "T" forms a diagonal, that symbolizes the movement, a look into the future and a new point of view on art.


The traditional character of the Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane is reflected in academic William. This font tells us about the wisdom and depth of Russian art. The new Tretyakov Gallery, as a modern art with a progressive spirit, will "talk" in Gerbera.


During the process of rebranding the Tretyakov Gallery also updates the website. A new version is still located at the previous address: tretyakovgallery.ru. By means of it the museum will solve the same existed tasks in the digital world as well as introduce the Russian art to viewers who can’t visit the gallery in Moscow.

The site is the key communication channels of the Tretyakov Gallery. In 2016 tretyakovgallery.ru was visited by 3.5 million users. That is 1.5 million more than in 2015. Over the past two years, the audience of the mobile version has increased on 2.5 times. Among the users are muscovites, tourists, experts, art lovers, parents, teachers and scientists. Everyone has different needs, behavior and experience in the Internet. All these factors are taken into account during the development of the website.

The new site doesn’t have a separate mobile version. It automatically adapts according to different devices. Because of that users of computers, Pc-tablets and smartphones have the same information, that can be updated simultaneously for all devices.

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